Get Started with the HiringThing Platform

HiringThing enables you to embed our jobs widget into your website, choose one of our CMS integration options, or jump into our REST API to build something custom for your team.

If you have questions, please contact us at


Embeddable Jobs Widget

HiringThing’s embeddable jobs widget makes it easy for you to add a list of your current jobs to your website, with just one line of code. Once you’ve embedded the widget, you can use your own CSS to give your job listings virtually any style you like.

To get started, log into your HiringThing account, click on “Account Details”, and the “Integrate”. You’ll find your customized widget code ready to go.


CMS Integration Options

We offer a number of integration options that make it easy to connect your Content Management System (CMS) with HiringThing. We currently support WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Concrete5 with native plugins. If you have a different CMS, don’t despair, the Embeddable Widget (above) will work great with most systems. Click on the links below to view the code, or Click here for more information about how to take advantage of our free one-time applicant data import offer.

Data Import

To help you get started, we offer a free data import service to paying customers. The data import details shown here will help you get started formatting your data for including in your HiringThing account. Additionally, customers on our Pro Plan and above have access to the Resume Importer, which allows you to drag and drop resumes right into your HiringThing account. Contact us at for more info.

API Documentation

The HiringThing API allows access to all your account information, essentially connecting you directly to the HiringThing Recruiting Engine™. Using our API requires knowledge of programming languages and software – if that’s not you, recruit your local coder to lend a hand.

We currently offer libraries and code examples to ease development for PHP, Ruby, C#/.NET and ColdFusion programmers.