5 Unique Ways to Reward Remote Employees

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Recognition and praise are vital not only to your employees’ performance but also to their engagement and dedication to the job. If employees feel satisfaction in their work and are regularly thanked and praised for jobs well done, they will more likely stay in their positions, helping reduce turnover rates. And while acknowledging your employees via email is great, it’s not the only option. Here are five unique ways to praise and reward your remote employees:

1. Surprise Deliveries

If an employee landed a new client, beat a strenuous deadline, or worked overtime, show your appreciation for his or her hard work with a surprise delivery. Send a pizza, a sweet treat such as cookies, or even an edible bouquet. There are many different options, and with online shopping and ordering, this will take very little time but will make a big difference.

2. Health Benefits

Once your employees have worked for your company for a certain amount of time or have completed a certain number of projects, consider rewarding them with certain health benefits. This could be a monthly stipend to be used toward a gym membership or exercise equipment. You could also reduce their hours occasionally to allow mental health breaks and physical recuperation. Keep in mind that remote employees may have a difficult time separating work and home life, so encouraging healthy habits is an excellent starting place towards good mental and physical health.

3. Go Old School

Since you primarily communicate with your remote team online, change things up a bit. Send your employees handwritten thank-you cards praising them for their performance and work ethic. These will probably catch them off guard and are much more personal than any email. If you want, include rewards, such as gift cards or $50 cash bonuses.

4. Send Swag

Let your employees know how much you appreciate having them on your team by sending them company swag. These could be simple items, such as t-shirts, hats, water bottles, or duffle bags. This is also great marketing for your company.

5. Travel Options

Thank your employees by helping them get away from their home/work environments. Offer incentive travel, such as a one-night stay at a popular hotel. If you don’t have the budget to offer higher-priced rewards, simply give your employees extra paid time off or award them with a three-day weekend. Be creative and utilize travel ideas that work best for your company and remote team members.

While a simple email is an efficient way to praise your remote team, it shouldn’t be your only method of recognition. Use the above ideas to reward your team members and establish a stronger, more engaged remote workforce.


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Alisiana Peters

Author: Alisiana Peters

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