We’re Bringing Hiring Happiness to Reference Checks

We know how time consuming reference checks can be, and they are often a skipped-over step in your hiring process.  Well, we’re excited to announce our brand new automated, managed reference checks, through our partner Skill Survey.  This automated process saves over 90% of the time YOU spend doing reference checks the traditional way.

Here’s the basics on how it works:

  • Select your applicant and click on Request Reference Check from the Select Action menu.
  • We will email the applicant asking them to provide several references.
  • Once completed by the applicant, an automated email will be sent out to those references containing a confidential, job-specific survey. 85% of references generally respond.
  • Typically within 2 days you will receive reference feedback to review on your potential candidate.  It’s that easy!

Want more info on reference checks?  Contact our Customer Success Team

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