How to Make a Boring Position Look More Appealing

With around 30% of all Google searches per month (approximately 300 million) relating to job searches, it’s no surprise that recruiters are turning to social media giants like LinkedIn to find quality candidates. However, if you find yourself having to pitch a tedious job offer, acquiring those candidates can be difficult. Learn how to spin any job offer in a positive light below.

Focus on the Best Parts

If 90% of the job you are hiring for is fairly dull, focus on the 10% that is engaging and exciting. Don’t try to exaggerate how much time they will spend doing that task, but drive the point that it is the highlight of the job and something they will do regularly if they accept the position. If it’s tough to single out some components of the position that are especially fun or exciting, consider focusing on the people they will be working with. A workplace environment that someone is comfortable in can be just as attractive as fun tasks. You might include employee profiles if the company you’re hiring for has them.

Focus on the Compensation

At the end of the day, people are working to get paid so they can support their families and afford to live. Generous compensation and benefits can make a tedious job much more attractive. If you’re advertising for a boring position but know the pay and benefits are above average, make sure to include that in your ad or in your emails to candidates. Some people are more motivated by money than they are by doing things they think are fun at work, and this will help attract those candidates.

Talk About Real World Impact

Sometimes the outcome of the job can make it sound much more attractive than the daily tasks do. Talk about what the company or organization does for the people it works with in the advertisement. How does this work change and benefit the lives of these people? This is especially effective if you are hiring for a charity or non-profit. If people are able to see the good that comes as a result of the work they do, they’ll be able to overlook the duller day—to—day aspects of it.

Focus on Job Security

Not everyone is looking for a dream career that lets them do whatever they want all day. Although we’re out of the worst of the Great Recession, these are still tough economic times for a lot of people. Many people are more interested in a stable source of income above everything else. If your position can offer job security to the right candidate, make sure you emphasize this wherever you advertise the ad. Even if the job doesn’t sound too exciting, the promise of a steady income is sure to drive people to at least apply.

It’s never fun vetting hundreds or even thousands of applicants, only to find many of them lacking the skills or experience to fulfill the advertised role. By following the tips above and focusing heavily on the positives that any position offers, you’re more likely to pique the interest of those who are best suited for the job.

Ashley Morgan

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