3 Important Tips for Conducting Successful Interviews

Interviews play a critical role in the hiring process. In fact, the quality of interviews can have a significant impact on the overall results of the hiring process. Well conducted interviews can lead to great hires. Conversely, poorly conducted interviews can lead to hiring the wrong people.

Therefore, every recruiter who desires great hires needs to master the art of conducting successful interviews. A good starting point is to master three key interviewing tips which are used by successful recruiters. They are the following:

Prepare Interview Questions In Advance

Perhaps the greatest determinant of interview success is in asking the right questions. What are the “right questions”? Well, they are questions which capture the essence of the job in question. They are questions which unearth the kind of information which interviewers are looking for.

These questions need to be prepared in advance of the interview. The reason for this is two-fold. First of all, preparing them in advance means that interviewers don’t forget to ask the critical questions. Interviews can sometimes take different directions. Without having questions prepared in advance, it is possible to get side-tracked and forget asking certain questions.
Secondly, preparing questions in advance ensures that all job candidates are asked the same questions. This comes in handy when evaluating the performance of different candidates in the interviews.

Take Detailed Notes

Taking notes is essential for conducting successful interviews. The major reason for note taking is the limitation of human memory: it is impossible for an interviewer to remember a candidate’s response to every question. As such, notes enable the interviewer to record the main points of an interview.

Notes can also provide documentary evidence as to how an interviewer arrived at a decision. This comes in handy especially when they have to make a report to a superior, or to discuss their impressions with fellow interviewers.

Finally, taking notes can actually create a professional atmosphere which makes the candidate feel respected. When they see that their answers are being recorded, it can give job candidates the impression of being listened to. Such an impression can play an important role in determining whether a successful candidate actually accepts the position.

Use Multiple Interviewers

The interview should be conducted by more than one interviewer. Using multiple interviewers provides a number of benefits. First of all, it makes note-taking quite easy. If there is only one interviewer, balancing between asking questions, listening to answers and taking notes can be quite tricky. With multiple interviewers, one can ask the questions, while another takes notes.

Secondly, multiple interviewers provide different perspectives on a candidate. This reduces the likelihood of interviewer bias determining a hiring decision. The different interviewers can compare notes, discuss the candidate and reach a consensus. This increases the likelihood of making the correct hiring decision.

In a nutshell, these are the 3 key interviewing tips which are essential for conducting successful interviews. These tips can enable recruiters to achieve the three aspects which are essential for interviewing success i.e. asking the right questions, capturing the candidates’ responses and carrying out an objective evaluation of each candidate.

Therefore, if you are a recruiter who desires to maximize the impact of job interviews, please integrate the above tips into your interview strategy. You will increase the likelihood of your interviews yielding the right hires.

Brett McIntyre, Digital Marketing Director

Brett is the digital marketing director at Crimcheck.com , a NAPBS Accredited Pre-Employment background check company. For more information about pre-employment news or information, please visit our blog.

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