4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Applicant Tracking System

The goal of a good applicant tracking system is to make your life as a recruiter easier, while helping to identify and hire the best candidates for you or your clients. There are many things to consider while reviewing a potential ATS . We’ve identified 4 of the most important areas to consider when selecting an ATS .

1. Ease of Use. The system should be turn-key, meaning anyone can put it up and run with it with minimal training and setup time. The system should include an easy-to-navigate dashboard with a snapshot of all your recruiting activity. It’s also important that you are able to personalize and configure the system (i.e. — user permissions, look & feel, templates etc.) yourself without having to contact support.

2. Job Posting. Getting your jobs in front of the best candidates is a top priority. Find out which job posting sites the ATS has access to. There should be a good mix between top boards and specialized/niche boards. The process for posting job should be easy as well, ask the ATS to walk you through the posting process.

3. Applicant Management. The process to search and review applicants should be seamless. Ensure that the search functionality is accurate and fast. Tagging is also a vital feature. Look for the ability to add keywords based on candidate action, such as answers to pre-screening questions, as well as manually.

4. Candidate Experience. Make sure the ATS provides a good candidate experience. You don’t want to lose candidates because of cumbersome and lengthy process or slow performance. Go through the process as an applicant. Look for a clean, intuitive, and fast experience.

Reviewing an ATS takes time and effort. If you start by evaluating the ATS based on these four areas you’ll be on your way to finding Hiring Happiness.

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Ashley Morgan

Ashley is the Online Marketing Manager at HiringThing, an online application provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. To learn more about HiringThing, visit http://www.hiringthing.com

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