Optimizing Your Job Post for Mobile

Mobile devices: in this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to live without them. And as the hiring process evolves, so does its inclusion of mobile devices for finding the employees you need. In the last year, Snagajob has experienced a 95 percent increase of job seekers visiting our site on mobile. At that rate, it seems impossible to recruit and hire without mobile.

Incorporating mobile into your existing hiring process isn’t complicated and allows you to connect with job seekers in a new and effective way. As with any search for new hires, the first step to making the most of mobile is crafting a job description that will grab the attention of potential candidates.

Here are a few tips on creating job posts that are optimized for mobile:

Make the most of screen space. It’s important to remember the screens on phones and tablets are smaller than that of a desktop, meaning you need to write job descriptions that can be easily read on those devices. Keep posts short and sweet, focusing on the most important information. The less a job seeker has to scroll to learn more about the position the better.

Bullet points are your best friend. When sharing the details of the job, consider ditching standard paragraphs and relying on bullet points instead. This small change makes it easier to highlight the most important aspects of the position while taking up less space on those smaller screens we were talking about earlier.

Test it! Before posting your job description, check it out on your mobile device. Keep an eye out for spelling errors, misplaced punctuation, etc., but also be aware of how it appears on the screen. You’ll discover whether or not you need to change anything such as font size or spacing. Scroll through a few times and make sure the job seeker’s experience won’t be hindered by any mistakes.

Stay on top of the latest technology and job seeker trends and consider making mobile a part of your hiring process. From there, explore apps and downloads that can make other steps, from training to scheduling, simpler as well. Pretty soon, you’ll be wondering how you ever found employees without it. Happy hiring!

Imani Holmes

Imani Holmes is a content marketing analyst at Snagajob . When she’s not writing content for employers to read, she can be found catching up on celebrity gossip, updating her blog or channeling her inner rock star at karaoke.

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