Our New Mobile App and More…

We’ve been hard at work here at HiringThing, and sometimes we don’t take the time to pop our head up and let everyone know what we’re up to. Over the last few months, we’ve released a number of new features, including our long awaited mobile app. Here’s the rundown:

1. Mobile HiringThing. Get your hiring done from anywhere, with our new Android, iPhone and iPad applications. You can easily review, rate and manage applicants from any mobile device.

Let us know what you think – available now in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

2. Date Fields. Have you checked out the Form Builder lately? You can select the “Date” type question, and we’ll collect a standardized date from your applicants. Great for asking questions about availability, past history or other critical hiring info.

3. Address Collection. Need a full address? You can now turn on a standardized address form on your account, simply by going to Account Details , then Applications and flipping a switch.

4. Enterprise Setup Program We’ve recently expanded our services to include customization, setup and training. Interested in changing the way HiringThing works for you? Get in touch!

More Coming Soon We have some great new features in the pipeline that will make managing your applicants easier than every before. Stay tuned!


Author: HiringThing

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