3 Ways Camping Can Help You Find Great Candidates

Camping and hiring? Seems like a bit of a stretch? Maybe not — here are 3 ways where camping rules can help guide you to recruiting success.

1. Know Your Priorities

When packing for a camping trip, the more room you have in the car to pack, the more stuff you’ll fill it with. Then you get to the campsite and start to unpack, realizing you have quite a few useless items for the trip. The benefit of having less space in the car to pack things, or limiting the amount of space you’ll allocate in your car, is that you only pack what is really important.

This often happens with online job postings . If there’s no word limit, you may feel like you need to write a long description. Why not? You’ve got room. Add more details. And even more…

The problem with doing this is that as the resumes roll in, you realize you’re stuck with dozens of candidates who fit quite a few requirements, but not any of the job requirements you consider to be most important. Keeping the job description short and limiting word count, means you’ll focus only on the things that are most important for the job .

2. Get Creative With What You Have

If you’ve only brought along the necessities, and there’s not a grocery store within 20 miles of your campsite, you’ll have to get creative as supplies dwindle. Maybe you’ll substitute a napkin for a Kleenex. Forgot to bring a loaf of bread? Hamburger buns make a great French toast!

If you’re limited in your recruiting budget, you will also need to find ways to get creative . No money to advertise your new opening? Social media is a great, free way to get the word out about your job. Or get the staff on board to make a recruitment video (Josh, put the YouTube blog post link at the words “recruitment video”) you can post on YouTube . In addition to helping you attract great candidates, you can make it a team building exercise for your staff.

3. Look past the blemishes

When you’re out in nature camping, hiking and absorbing all the beauty, it’s easy to overlook things that aren’t perfect.

Have you ever been to Suttle Lake, Oregon ? It is a gorgeous, tranquil place. But if you look really closely you can see hundreds (maybe thousands) of trees that have been ravaged by the Japanese beetle . I can see past that and just absorb the beauty of this alpine lake.

When reviewing candidates, it’s sometimes hard to remember that no candidate is truly a “perfect” fit for hard-to-fill jobs. And just like with nature, you may need to look past the blemishes. It may be a lapse in employment, a youthful indiscretion that shows up on a background check, or some other factor that makes you pause when reviewing an otherwise highly qualified candidate with great references.

Who would have thought that a favorite summer activity like camping could help you find great candidates? What are you waiting for? Your next great candidate (and next great camping trip) are just around the corner.

Author: HiringThing

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