Highlighting Hourly When Hiring

Hiring the right people for your workforce requires time, patience and a strategy tailored to your business. If that business happens to have hourly paid workers , your strategy has to be appropriate for the audience you’re trying to connect with. What might work in the job description for a salaried position might not be as effective for an hourly position.

As you navigate through the recruiting process, taking the time to craft an hourly-focused description can make the difference between finding a simply adequate hire or discovering your next great employee. Get started now by highlighting the following benefits in your job posting:


One of the best parts about an hourly job is the opportunity for an employee to have more control over their schedule, something that tends to get lost in a more traditional nine-to-five gig. If your business offers flexible scheduling, share that information with job seekers and prepare to talk about potential hours during the interview process.


When it comes to showcasing what makes your workplace culture special, don’t be shy. Provide details on how you engage your hourly hires, from incentive programs to special recognition for hard work. Let job seekers discover why they want to work for you.

Promotion potential

The opportunity for career advancement is another perk hourly job seekers are drawn to. If internal promotions are common in your workplace, tell the story of a successful employee or the story of your own career to let applicants know future development is a possibility. Should there be an associated timeline connected to promotions, share information with candidates.

So take the time to identify the perks of working on your hourly position and let them help you find the employees you need.


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