Make People Want to Work for You (Infographic)

Though the economy is still far from healthy and employers are still inundated with applications from desperate job seekers, more and more companies today are finding it difficult to attract top tier talent . Traditional incentives simply aren’t enticing to today’s brightest young minds. Traditional working models and corporate environments have lost their appeal. Instead, many young people today are gravitating toward new types of employment that offer them more flexibility, better lifestyles, and more opportunities to explore their creative passions. To the shock of many employers, even top salaries have lost their magnetism as companies like Google and Netflix increasingly find ways to inspire and motivate their workers .

So the writing is on the wall: old business models are being undermined by a novel wave of employment options. Thanks to mobile technology, freelance work has become an increasingly viable career path. Thanks to the emergence of the so-called Sharing Economy , top-down hierarchies are becoming increasingly outmoded. So employers hoping to attract those who can help their companies succeed in this rapidly evolving digital landscape must transform their working environments to match the values of a new generation. This infographic from Talent Puzzle explores how a handful of forward-thinking companies have found tremendous success by doing just that.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith works for Talent Puzzle, an online recruitment consultancy marketplace. He also dabbles in graphic design and creative writing. You can follow Talent Puzzle on Twitter

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