5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Hiring From Your Inbox

Many businesses are still using email to manage their recruiting without realizing that affordable solutions now exist to replace inbox recruiting with a more efficient and effective online solution.

Gone are the days when the only two options available to small and medium businesses were to stick it out with time consuming inbox recruiting, or to shell out mega bucks for an enterprise level online recruiting software. Today there are online recruiting software solutions that specifically cater to small and medium sized business to help hiring managers quickly and effectively find and hire qualified candidates at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re wondering why you should consider making the switch from collecting resumes through email to using an online recruiting solution , the most important reason has to do with your end goal: making a great hire. Job seekers today are looking for quick response times from prospective employers and a mobile friendly application interface. Using email to collect resumes and collaborate with other members of your hiring team can slow down response times to applicants and may mean you miss out on the best person for your job.

How can you tell if you’ve outgrown inbox recruiting and are ready to upgrade to online recruiting software?

Here are 5 signs that you should make the switch today :

  1. You’re not sure which applicants are stuck in limbo because you’re still waiting on something from another hiring manager or the applicant before they can move to the next step in your workflow.
  2. You wish you knew for sure which sources of applicants are performing the best for your company.
  3. You are spending more time than you’d like manually posting your open jobs to multiple job boards.
  4. You’re still printing off resumes and marking them by hand with a rating at the top of the page.
  5. Searching for an applicant in your inbox is like the proverbial needle in the haystack .

Ready to upgrade your recruiting process and kiss your inbox goodbye? Take your recruiting online and make better hires with HiringThing .

Author: HiringThing

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