Lights. Camera. {Digital} Interview

HR professionals everywhere are embracing digital interviews as a way to streamline recruitment and improve candidate experience like never before.

For anyone who keeps up with the latest and greatest HR trends, it is abundantly clear just how impactful digital interview technology has become in a short amount of time. While the technology itself may not be all that new, its place in recruitment and hiring has been solidified and marked as one of the best new recruiting solutions to emerge in recent years.

However, while this technology has many admirers and fervent advocates, it seems as though there may still be some confusion about how this technology works, what the benefits are, and why it has become so important to so many. As with any new technology, it is important to understand just how much value digital interview technology can provide.

Three Key Benefits of Digital Interviews

While there are numerous benefits to digital interviewing software , perhaps the some of the most notable are convenience, cost effectiveness, and improved candidate experience.

1. Convenience

Do you ever feel as though you’re drowning in a sea of resumes? If so, consider digital interviews your life jacket. What if, instead of spending hours upon hours going through stacks of resumes to find talent, you could screen and qualify candidates in minutes? The amount of time saved would really begin to add up. Through the use of one-way or live video interviews, recruiters can now engage with top talent faster than ever before, while uncovering key traits that a traditional resume cannot account for. Candidates are happy because they can record interview responses on their own time – scheduling is no longer an issue.

2. Cost Reduction

The world is connected like never before. Technology has allowed each and every single one of us to reach out and engage with others at any given moment, even if they happen to be thousands of miles away. As a result, companies have the ability to conduct talent searches without borders. However, flying in out-of-state or even international candidates is extremely expensive. Through the use of live video interviews, recruiters and hiring managers can connect with candidates without incurring additional costs.

3. Improved Candidate Experience

Reputation is everything in business, so if your company’s hiring process is outdated, frustrating, inconvenient, and unfriendly, what does that say about your brand? It’s probably not positive. Candidates should be viewed as potential brand ambassadors and should be treated as such. After spending hours tailoring an impressive cover letter and resume, applicants expect a response in return. If there is a communication breakdown along the way, it is surefire way to tarnish your brand in the eyes of job seekers everywhere.

Digital interviews help speed the process up, turning the recruiting cycle into a 24-hour period. Candidates can record their video or voice interview from the comfort of their homes and can avoid those pesky aforementioned scheduling headaches.

Digital interviews are not a passing trend. They are here to stay. Isn’t it time you uncovered how you can use this technology to achieve all of your hiring goals?

Britni Salazar

Britni works as the Marketing Communication Specialist for RIVS and enjoys writing about the evolving world of HR. She doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach but is partial to moderate strolls along the boardwalk. If you’re interested in learning more about digital interviews, please request a personalized demo from RIVS Digital Interviews.

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