Increased Productivity From the Comfort of Your Couch

Telecommuters can rejoice! Working from home has been shown to actually increase productivity and happiness for the individual employee. Could it be the flexible schedule, ability to be present in the home, or the simple comfort of your favorite jeans?


For whatever specific reasons, many individuals choose to find work that allows them to spend even a little of their full-time job at home.

But let us not pretend that working from home does not have its own set of difficulties. For one, it is quiet. Potentially too quiet? Can you get work done if there isn’t a group of people around you focused on the same task? Is your office organized and do you have all the supplies necessary to make a full commitment to your projects at home?

While there isn’t a magic formula that helps every single individual work with vigor from the comfort their home office, here is a small list of tips that can help increase your domestic productivity.

It’s Okay to have Fun at Work But Respect Your Time

In an office building, people naturally understand that everyone there is expected to earn their money by completing very specific tasks. Your family and friends will more naturally respect that time. Working from home can be relaxing and fun . (I mean, there is no one to tell you to turn your music down!) But working from home can also cause boundary issues.


  • You are not responsible to pick up your personal phone when it rings.
  • Yes, you might be home, but you are working.
  • Chores will still be there when you are done with your day.

Let others know that this time is sacred and remind them, when necessary, that being at home is not the same as working from home. If possible, organize an office space. Keep all your utensils and supplies at arm’s reach. When you are in your office, others know that you are not available.

Set Deadlines — Impose Time Limits

You are your own boss at home and that requires a specific amount of accountability. It is easy to get distracted when you find a task boring or tedious. Make sure to allow time for each task and be rigid when it comes your deadlines.

This might require shutting off your computer. Consider it a “power hour.” Get items done away from the computer and then transfer it if necessary. If you must, conduct a time audit every several months. Keep track of how your spend your time and reflect on how you can improve.

Make your Breaks Count

Remember, working from home can be fun. If you were at work, you would most certainly take a lunch break. At home, your breaks can include a variety of activities that nourish your body, keep you active, and that allow you to spend time with your family. Remember, you can still do some awesome team building activities with your family members to make sure you’re not too consumed by your work .

Use that time! Just remember to clock yourself back in and get back to work when you need to get things done!

Have you made the switch to at-home work? We would love to hear about it! How do you keep on track? How do you organize your space or let others respectfully know you are busy? Please share in the comments below!

Jeffrey Fermin

Jeffrey Fermin is Officevibe’s cofounder and is in charge of all marketing efforts and business development for the company. Jeff has the pleasure of engaging with the Officevibe community where he talks, tweets and blogs about company culture and employee engagement. You can reach him @JeffFermin or on the Officevibe Facebook page


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