Two Top Sources for New Hires (Both Might Surprise You)

According to Forbes , companies source two times the amount of new hires from internal sources versus external sources. This might come as news to folks who are used to relying solely on external job boards like Indeed and Craigslist for the bulk of their applicant traffic. As it turns out, internal sources like company career sites and employee referrals are vital components of a well rounded recruitment strategy.

External sources make up around half of all applicants interviewed (and just under 40% of all new hires). This means advertising your positions on external job boards is still a strong source for applicant traffic. Forbes reports that, of applicants coming from external sources, companies still receive 94% of interviews and 86% of hires from job boards and search engines.

Putting it all together, a strong recruitment strategy will incorporate both internal and external sources to attract top talent for your company. Advertising jobs to external job boards is relatively straightforward, but creating or editing a corporate career site and building an employee referral program from scratch might sound like major endeavors. Fortunately, there are some great small business recruiting tools out there that make these tasks much easier- even if you’re not a tech guru.

Applicant tracking systems like HiringThing offer recruiters and hiring managers the ability to post jobs online, advertise them to external job boards, add them to a corporate career site with a simple widget and even build an employee referral program, all in a few clicks. With spring here and job seekers starting to ramp up their search, now is the perfect time to revamp your recruitment strategy to tap both internal and external applicant sources and make sure you are attracting top talent for your company.

Author: HiringThing

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