3 Ways to Save Time Hiring Great Employees for Your Clients With an ATS

Whether you’re hiring internally or sourcing candidates for your clients, we’re sure saving time during the hiring process is at the top of your list. Utilizing an ATS can be a lifesaving tool for recruiters, as your inbox is flooded with resumes and applications. Not only can an ATS help you stay organized, it can improve communication with your team internally as well as externally with your clients. Additionally, it can speed up your time to hire, ensuring you don’t miss out on the best candidates. This time savings translates directly into financial savings, as well as the ability to service 30% or more client openings, which means an opportunity for 30% more revenue in billable hours.

We’ve identified three key ways you can use an ATS , like HiringThing to save time:

1. Centralization — With an ATS , gone are the days of managing applicants with emails and spreadsheets. All job postings, applicants, interviews, and communications are stored in one secure, easy-to-access location. Features such as applicant tagging allow you to take organizing to the next level by giving you the ability to rate, sort and search tags you and/or your client apply to each applicant. You can also easily meet compliance requirements with equal opportunity integration and reporting.

2. Customization — The goal is to find the best applicant in the shortest amount of time. Customized pre-screening during the application process and tailored job board posting are vital to reaching this goal. An ATS will provide you with the capability to add customized questions, which automatically organize and screen applicants based on their responses, saving you valuable time during the screening process by removing applicants from consideration that don’t meet your qualifications. Secondly, your job posting needs to be seen to attract the best candidates. Having your posting on the top job boards is vital and can also be very time consuming if you’re adding them individually. Being able to quickly select from and post to multiple job boards in minutes can save you hours of time.

3. Communication — Communication is crucial during the hiring process, not just with candidates but also with your internal team and clients. Tools like customized email templates can help with applicant follow-up by giving you the ability to create customized email communications that can be quickly selected and sent to applicants. With an ATS , you’ll also be able to set up multiple user accounts, with a variety of permission levels, to give clients and internal team members the ability to review, make notes and leave comments on prospective applicants.

Our goal here at HiringThing is to provide you with tools that will make the hiring process incredibility easy and time-saving. Why not give it a try and discover how happy hiring can be? Sign-up for a free trial now.

Ashley Morgan

Ashley is the Online Marketing Manager at HiringThing, an online application provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. To learn more about HiringThing, visit http://www.hiringthing.com

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