3 Ways an Applicant Tracking System Is Different Than a Job Board

A rapidly growing number of small and medium sized businesses are making the smart decision to save themselves time and money by using an applicant tracking system ( ATS ) to manage their recruiting process. Most employers are used to posting their jobs to online job boards in order to get applicant traffic. But, if you are new to the world of recruiting software, you may be asking yourself, “What is the difference between an applicant tracking system and a job board?”

Let’s take a look at three important ways that an ATS is different from a job board and how you can utilize both to shorten your time-to-hire and hire the best candidates for your position.

  1. Say goodbye to manually advertising your job on online job boards
    The first step toward attracting great candidates for your open position is to craft a strong job description and then market the job posting online so qualified applicants can apply. If you aren’t using an ATS , you need to manually post your job posting on every single job board you want to advertise on. Using an ATS enables you to create your job description once and advertise it to multiple online job boards quickly and easily.
  1. Clean out your email inbox and keep it that way
    If you’ve advertised your job posting via online job boards and social media sites, get ready for a deluge of applicants. Without an ATS , your email inbox can quickly get overloaded with hundreds of applicant resumes, leaving you pulling your hair out as you struggle to keep up. Even if you’re using folders, your email inbox can get cluttered faster than a college freshman’s dorm room. With an ATS , you can direct applicants from any source to apply online to your job posting and then collect those online applications in a single place, leaving your inbox free for work communications.
  1. Get to the qualified applicants faster and shorten your time-to-hire
    If you’re trying to manage applicants through your email inbox, you know how much extra time and energy it takes to stay organized. You have to open each resume and cover letter attachment to perform an initial review and then create folders and move applicants to folders based on their rating. You might even be forwarding applicants to hiring managers to get feedback before it’s finally time for you to get in touch with the applicant and schedule an interview. By then, so much time has passed that you have to open up their resume and cover letter files all over again to remind yourself of their qualifications. An ATS makes every part of your recruitment workflow easier and more efficient. You can set up screening questions to weed out unqualified applicants, quickly review and rate applicants without ever having to open a resume file, and communicate with both hiring managers and applicants, all without ever having to open up your email.

Incorporating an ATS into your recruitment workflow will save you a significant amount of time and money. When you use your ATS to advertise your open jobs to online job boards, you’re effectively taking two great online tools and combining them to create a super charged recruiting strategy.

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Author: HiringThing

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