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Recruiting is a discipline with needs that constantly evolve. Talent acquisition professionals who work for many different clients must become familiar with several industries and their respective requirements. Even in-house recruiters should always seek to refine their skills. As the landscape of the workforce changes and technology available to the human resources community advances, recruiters must keep up or risk becoming ineffective in their roles. There are several ways for busy professionals to engage in further education. Sorting through these options is simple if recruiters have a good idea of their own interests, schedules and ability to commit the time to advancing their knowledge.

Online Learning Resources
The range of information available about recruiting online is vast. Materials like blog posts, articles and videos can be very useful. Recruiters can access them at any time and revisit them as often as they like. This is ideal for people with busy calendars who may require more flexible scheduling options during career development. Many of the learning resources available on the Internet are comprehensive and informative, which means busy recruiters do not need to sacrifice quality to the demands of their agendas. The global nature of the online talent acquisition community means recruiters can find information on nearly any area of their profession about which they have questions. People attempting to recruit in a new industry or area may find exactly what they need in an easily accessible format they can peruse at any time.

Virtual Classes and Seminars
An additional option for career development is taking virtual classes or attending online seminars, also known as webinars. These opportunities can be more dependent upon scheduling time in one’s day to make use of them, though many classes are adjustable in pace and some webinars are even recorded for more convenience. Online classes have the benefit of interaction with one’s peers, which can lead to insights and advice that would not have come about otherwise. Industry training that takes place online can bring together recruiters who would not meet in the course of their day-to-day lives, expanding their perceptions of their work and generating new ideas.

The Value of Online Industry Training
Both static and dynamic online learning resources are often created with the involvement of highly qualified staffing professionals. These people can become virtual mentors of sorts to other recruiters. In this way, many more people can benefit from their experience and thought leadership than they may ever reach in a classroom. A recruiter should take advantage of these learning resources to avoid cheating oneself of insights and strategies that would help him/her to become a better recruiter. Those whose jobs involve a significant amount of virtual recruitment cannot afford to fall behind in their understanding of the latest technology, and no recruiter should be content to stagnate.

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