Seven Ways to Increase Job Applicant Flow

*_“How do I get more applicants”,
“Why isn’t anyone applying to my job”
“What am I doing wrong”_*

I hear these questions a lot from job posters who are perplexed as to why they aren’t getting more applications for their job openings. Sometimes the reasons are fairly obvious, other times it is a slight nuance or change to a job posting that can make all the difference.

I have compiled a list of common tips for improving applicant response to a job listing. Take a look at your next job listing and see if any of these suggestions could help.

1. Changes to the job title:

If your job title is lengthy, and it looks like you are trying to fit the description into the title, you can expect to see diminishing results from applicants. Conversely, if your title is too vague, or doesn’t adequately describe the position, then you can expect the same results. The title should be indicative of what the job is, and if there is a common title you can use for the position, then use it. Try and keep the vagaries of internal title definitions out. Most likely an applicant won’t know what an Account Executive III means. Instead use Account Executive for the title for your job post, and save the formal title and specifications for the job description .

2. The job description:

Keep it concise and visually appealing. Avoid having a job description in block paragraph form. Use bold for section titles like Qualifications or Requirements. Be liberal with bullet points to highlight specific qualifications or responsibilities. Also, make sure your language reflects the job and your company culture , and make sure it’s targeting the characteristics of applicants you want to attract.

I recently had a job poster contact me wondering why no one had applied for their job. I had a look at their posting and found the following phrase in the first section of their job description:

“THIS IS FULL TIME WORK !!! Laziness will not be tolerated.”

While this is a perfectly understandable expectation, it doesn’t belong in a job description . Get a sense of an applicant’s work ethic in their resume, interview or follow up call.

3. Keyword Optimization:

For assistance with your job listing keywords, try this free software word cloud application , and paste your description into the text field. This will create a word cloud of your job description, highlighting the most prominent words in your description.

This can be beneficial for you to see if the words you are emphasizing in your description are the ones you want applicants to focus on, and also see what keywords a potential applicant would need to enter to find your job when conducting a job search. If the highlighted keywords are not universal to this type of job, then make adjustments to your job description and include more common keywords.

4. Formatting & Appearance:

If you have the ability to add HTML formatting or images to your posting, then take full advantage of it. Add your logo to your posting, and include graphics on your posting as well. If you have a well designed listing on your own company page, try to utilize that formatting in other places you post as well. Not only will it help to brand your postings, but visually aesthetic postings also tend to receive a more favorable response .

5. Application form consistency:

This is crucial if you are using a tracking system in your recruitment process. If you include an email address or website address in your job description to apply to when there is already an ‘Apply’ link or button in your description, you are going to confuse applicants, and may deter them from applying. Make sure that you have a single and consistent place for all applicants to apply for your position. This is also helpful with data management because it will provide a singular place for all applicants to be captured and stored, regardless of what source they applied from.

6. Social Media:

More and more job seekers are turning to social media to find open positions. Make sure you aren’t missing out on quality applicants by utilizing your social media accounts to promote your jobs. If you don’t have a company page on Twitter , LinkedIn , or Facebook , it is pretty easy to create one. Invite contacts to join your page and get your network to help find your next hire.

7. Referral Programs:

Study after study has shown referrals to be one of the most reliable and cost effective ways to find quality employees. Have your co-workers and colleagues assist with the process. Look into creating a trackable referral program that incentivizes participants to refer applicants to your open positions.

There you have it – 7 things you can do to increase job applicant flow! What other ways have you been able to successfully increase job applicant flow for open positions?

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