How Do I Create a Job Posting?


Step 1

  • Login to your HiringThing account.

Step 2

  • Click on the + Create a New Job button on your dashboard.

Step 3

Fill in all of the fields on the Create a New Job page with information about the position. Need some help? Try our easy-to-use Job Description Wizard by clicking on the link on your New Listing screen. Looking for tips on how to make your job description better? Check out this blog post article.

Step 4

When you are all done creating your job posting, click on Save and Continue . From there, you can opt to purchase job advertising space on any of our participating job board partners’ websites or you can click on Finish . We’ll do the rest!

Keep reading for more information on the job description fields…


For more information on how to format your job posting, click on the Formatting Tips link or see more information below. It’s easy to BOLD items by clicking on the B icon on the Job Description toolbar. You can also add a bulleted list (for example, a list of skills desired or job responsibilities). And if you want to really grab prospective applicants’ attention, you can add in a picture or hyperlink. You might want to add a hyperlink to your corporate website so applicants can read up on how great your company is.

Other Fields

The Job Code field is an optional field that allows you to associate an alphanumeric code with any job listing. This is typically used for helping to coordinate your internal HR and recruiting processes outside of HiringThing. The job code with appear on your dashboard (in condensed mode) when viewing applicants and on your public-facing online job listing.

The City , State , and Country fields are meant to indicate the geographic location of the job opportunity. If your company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon but the position you are creating is located in San Francisco, CA, make sure to enter San Francisco and CA in the City and State fields.

Keyword Detection is an easy way for the HiringThing engine to help find the gold in your application stack for you. Add a comma delimited list of keywords to your job posting. The HiringThing analysis engine will check the applications you receive for a match and display an alert for you on the application grid when it finds a match. For example, let’s say that you are hiring for a programmer position and one of your requirements is that all applicants have JavaScript and Ruby experience. Add both as keywords separated by commas JavaScript , Ruby to the Keyword field so HiringThing’s analysis engine can check all of your applicants’ resumes for these keywords.

Screening Questions allow you to ask open ended questions to your candidates. When a candidate applies for your position, they’ll be asked to answer these questions on your application form. You’ll then see the answers displayed in the application viewer when reviewing applicants in HiringThing. Here are some examples of screening questions to get you started:

  • Explain your approach to project management.
  • Give an example of a complex project that you took the lead on.
  • Please provide salary history for your last three positions.

The Hide Listing checkbox should be left unchecked if you want your job posting to show up on your job listings page and be published across our job board partners’ websites. If you want this to be an internal job posting only, make sure to check the box. Don’t worry, you can edit your selection at any time after you have created your job posting if you change your mind.

When you create a new job posting, you are automatically added to the job position as a Hiring Manager. To add additional Hiring Managers , click on the drop down arrow on the Hiring Manager field and select as many Users as you would like. Anyone you add as a Hiring Manager will be able to view the job posting description as well as any applicants who have applied for the position. Additional permissions, such as managing applicants, are dependent upon a User’s Admin Level .



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