RailsConf 2013 — An Innovation Injection

A Healthy Dose of New

We at HiringThing have opinions ( some stronger than others ) about what makes great software. Those opinions are the amalgam of our combined experiences from solving technical problems and crafting our user experience. Our continuous deployment strategy aids us as our theories are proven or disproven regularly. This routine of continuous feedback from both customers and internal metrics help guide our product development.


While this routine is certainly a healthy practice it isn’t necessarily a recipe for regular innovation.

I am always looking for new ways to be inspired. In fact, most developers I know are musicians, artists, or masters of cuisine. Their creativity longs to be cultivated each in their way.

To be innovative we have to try new things. We have to invite conflict and see change as a source of opportunity. We need to hear ideas that force us to reconsider our presuppositions.

So where does one get an injection of mind-bending ideas?

Behold RailsConf!


Attending a conference like RailsConf can be fantastic inspiration. Developers can survey the Ruby landscape, disambiguate the latest jargon, and inject a strong dose of passion into their craft. My excitement for RailsConf stems from the opportunity to learn new ways to add features to HiringThing. What can I say, it’s what I love to do. I plan on having numerous conversations with code artisans who have struggled with and overcome some of the same challenges I face everyday.

Thought Leaders

Portland is a fantastic city to be developer in. There are regular hack-a-thons and user groups for nearly every language you can imagine. But this is RAILSCONF . It’s all about wonderful Rails . There’ll be talks on related technologies but the focus is Rails.
Jose & Aaron sharing a beer at RailsConf 2011
I eagerly look forward to having discussions with the folks at Shopify ( John Duff ), or the Portland-based geniuses at New Relic , or perhaps I’ll run into Rails Core contributor José Valim sharing a beer with Aaron Patterson .

These conversations are more than just geek-fests. They enable lines of communication where you can leverage our wonderful Ruby community.

Anybody can post a question on StackOverflow but wouldn’t you rather just DM a contributor on a project? I love making connections with other Rubyists who help introduce new strategies at HiringThing.


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