Our Unlimited Vacation Policy

Here are HiringThing, we’re working hard on creating a culture of personal responsibility and mutual trust, and we wanted our vacation and time off policy to reflect that. After some reflection, we decided to adopt an Open PTO Policy which allows our employees the flexibility to take time off when they need it. Netflix and other large employers have shown that this can work on a large scale, and it matches our culture perfectly.

We strongly feel that we’ll have better employee productivity and retention with this policy, but it’s not for everyone. It requires a strong peer review process and a lot of trust in your employees. If you’re interested, we freely offer our Policy, listed below, to use in your own efforts in crafting the right plan for your employees.

HiringThing Vacation and Time Off Policy

Here at HiringThing, we recognize the need for employees to take time away from the office to creatively recharge, and that not everyone works the best during traditional 9 to 5 office hours. We also believe in taking personal responsibility for managing our own time, workload and results. To that end, we’ve adopted an Open PTO (Paid Time Off) policy, in which each employee is afforded the flexibility to take vacation, take time off for illness and shift schedules as necessary.

Our Policy

  • We do not track or limit employee vacation times or sick days – take the time you need to operate at peak performance.
  • Employees are welcome to shift their schedules to match their work style.

Your Responsibilities

  • Keep your coworkers informed. Let your colleagues know at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule when you’ll be on vacation, and report in on days you need to be out unexpectedly.
  • Be available when you’re needed. Customer calls, staff meetings and other time sensitive responsibilities must be covered regardless of your personal work schedule. If you have planned time off, make sure to coordinate with your coworkers to have coverage for any of your responsibilities during that time off.
  • Be productive. You are employed by HiringThing as a full-time employee, and are expected to contribute as such.


  • The HiringThing Open PTO plan is only available to full-time, exempt (salaried) HiringThing employees.
  • You do not “accrue” PTO days as in traditional plans, and so will not be compensated for “unused” PTO time upon termination.

Author: HiringThing

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