Posting Jobs Online for Beginners


The world of online job postings is large and complex, and it may seem overwhelming and confusing to decide what job boards to post to, and how to devise a process to do that. If you have never posted, or are just starting out in the virtual recruitment environment and need help in knowing where to post, then this is for you.

Below is a simple, four step process that should help you devise a plan on where to post your positions. When your time is limited but you want an effective job posting plan… Think S.T.R.A.P. (Strategy, Time, Resources, Audience, and Price)

The start of any plan should have a defining process and sense of an ultimate goal. For posting jobs, that process starts with defining your target audience. Who do you intend to market your job to? Do you want local candidates, or would you like to cast a larger net? Are you focusing on a unique and rare job opportunity, or is the role a fairly common one? What about your competitors current job openings, are they similar to yours? Defining the type of person you are targeting is the first step in deciding where to post.

A fairly simple but important step. When do you need to fill this position. Are you looking for the best, or the best right now. How important is it to fill this position ASAP ? Determine how crucial this job is to the success of your business.

How much time and resources can you dedicate to searching for this job candidate? A lot of people assume that the posting is the end of the process, but few business owners think of the amount of time it takes to sort through candidates, conduct interviews, and communicate with other team members about finding the right person. If you plan on flooding the internet with postings, make sure you have the right resources to commit that can handle the onslaught of resumes coming in.

Who are you trying to attract for this position? Is it an entry-level position, or an experienced professional you are targeting? Do you need someone who is a specialist, or are you looking for a diverse workplace? Answering these questions, and prioritizing their importance will make it easier to determine where to post your jobs online.

All business decisions have price as a core factor, and job posts are no different. There are a number of low cost, and even free sites, that can effectively meet the needs of a lot a business customers. But you need to relate the answers to the above steps to adequately determine how much cost will enter the equation. Or possibly the availability of budget resources will answer this question for you. If you have limited money to invest in posting jobs, there are a number of things you can do to effectively start the job posting process.

Once you have determined the answers to these questions, you can begin to focus on the job boards that make sense for your specific plan. To learn more about where to post your positions, sign up for HiringThing and download our ebook: 3 Steps to Finding Great Job Candidates Online


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