Finding Great Employees – It’s a Numbers Game

Here at HiringThing, we talk to a lot of hiring managers and recruiters. The universal refrain is that hiring takes too much time . Why is that?

Generally, we see employers starting with their own network. Nothing is more powerful than a good recommendation, and reaching out to people you know is the fastest way to find good candidates.

That said, there’s a real limit on how many people you can find that way . Once you’ve exhausted your network, you have no choice but to advertise if you want to get your opening in front of more candidates.

That’s where hiring turns into a numbers game. And you have no choice but to play it.

If you’ve done a good job advertising your position, you’ll start to get applications. Great! However, excitement will quickly turn to dismay as you discover most of them aren’t what you’re looking for. Here’s what you’ll find in that pile:

  • The Spray and Pray Crowd
    These people have decided that finding a job that fits their skillset is too much work. They figure (incorrectly) that if they apply to every single job that’s posted, eventually someone will want to call them back. Unfortunately for the hiring manager, this means reviewing the resumes of construction workers that have applied for aeronautical engineering positions.
  • Marginally Qualified
    These candidates don’t quite fit the profile, but have some kind of related experience or skill. Perhaps they’re computer programmers, but haven’t used the language you need. Or they had a job in a related field 5 years ago.
  • Not a Good Fit
    These candidates can be the most frustrating. Perhaps on paper they look like the right person, but once you get them on the phone or in for an interview, it quickly becomes apparent that they’re not going to work out. There are all sorts of reasons candidates fall out of consideration at this point, and it can feel like such a disappointment (on both sides) if you’ve invested in interviews and phone calls with someone.
  • Great Candidates
    They’re out there somewhere. Companies successfully hire every day, and many of them hire great employees. Perhaps only one or two out of a hundred candidates are truly right for any given job – the only way to find them is to sift through the the other 98. The real trick is to make sure too much time doesn’t pass between when these perfect candidates apply and you close the deal .Wait too long, and someone else is sure to recognize their potential and make them an offer.

Making It Easy
HiringThing is all about making this process as efficient as possible, and we’ve learned a few key points for companies as they navigate this process.

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. It’s an important courtesy to make sure candidates know where they stand with you. That means confirming you’ve received their application, and sending them “Thanks but No Thanks” messages when you’ve taken them off the list.
  • Keep good notes. If your hiring managers and recruiters aren’t on the same page, you can end up appearing unorganized to potential candidates, or worse, forget to follow up with promising applicants.
  • Quality job descriptions count. Remember, you’re selling to potential candidates as much as they’re selling to you.

If you’ve experienced some of these challenges and are looking for a better way, give us a try . We can help.

Author: HiringThing

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