Introducing HiringThing Forms

One of they key features our early customers have asked for is the ability to collect more fine-grained information from applicants. I’m happy to announce that last week we released a new update to HiringThing that adds the ability to send applicants online forms as part of your hiring process.

When talking to customers, it became clear to us that there are a number of different potential workflows in place at different companies. For example, some employers will have every job seeker fill out an official application, while others only gather that information from candidates who they’re interested in engaging in the interview process. Our new forms feature supports both approaches. It’s easy to send forms to various candidates quickly and easily, right from the Application Viewer.

For our initial release, we are including these built-in forms:

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  • Employment Application . This is a structured employment application that captures typical application information, along with commonly used release and authorization language. You can preview this form here. When presented to an applicant, they’ll view a branded version that includes your logo from your HiringThing site.
    tag: tech
  • Background Check Release . This form can be used to collect information and authorization for a background check. Preview available here.

As will all legal considerations, it’s important for you to evaluate the language provided to ensure that it works for your company.

Custom Forms

In addition to these built-in options, we’ve included the ability to build your own forms, using our partner Wufoo. Wufoo has some amazing online form building tools, and when you enable your Wufoo Forms with HiringThing, all the data collected will automatically be associated with the applicant in HiringThing.

You can use these forms for any number of things. A few ideas:

  • Job specific screening questions
  • Computer programming challenges
  • Custom employment applications
  • And more… the sky’s the limit

To create a custom form to use with HiringThing, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for Wufoo. Free accounts are available to get you started.
  • Create Your Form. Wufoo’s form building tools make this easy and a little fun.
  • Connect your Account. Click Account Details , then Customize . At the bottom of the page, enter your Wufoo account information to enable the integration.
  • Connect your Forms. After connecting your account, you can then attach your forms to HiringThing. A few easy steps are required to enable your form – you’ll find instructions online in HiringThing.
  • Send Away! Your forms are now enabled. In the Application Viewer , you can now select your own customized Wufoo forms in the Send – Online Form option. When the applicant responds, you’ll get a message and the results will appear in the Files tab in the Application Viewer

Happy hiring! Let us know how this feature works for you.


Author: HiringThing

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