First Hires – The Perils of Startup Life

HiringThing is moving from beta phase to full deployment over the next couple of months and will need to add our first employees, what an exciting time. Our first two hires will be a sales/customer representative and a lead software engineer . For one, it’s a great opportunity for us to “eat our own dog food,” as the saying goes. We’ll be posting our job descriptions to multiple job boards and reviewing applicants using HiringThing.

We’re seeking individuals that fit the startup environment, and that’s not everyone.

The initial stages of launching a new company are critical, as it’s very important to begin developing traction right away. Consequently, the wrong person in a key role can a have a profound effect on achieving that early momentum. Making the wrong hire can be a simple as the individual not fitting the culture or not being able to work in an early stage company environment.

The first few employees of any startup, including HiringThing, will experience an environment where process and procedure are at a minimum and execution is at a premium. Unlike an established company, with process and structure, a startup environment does not come with all of the tools and resources that will be present later in the company’s evolution. Our first employees, and those at any startup, will need to be creative, and have the ability to handle uncertainty with grace .

That said, there’s nothing more exciting. HiringThing has had an amazing beta program, and our first employees will have the opportunity to help us build a company starting from a strong, proven value proposition. A fast growth business creates an exciting work environment, and incredible opportunities for those that are willing to jump in with both feet.

Are you that person? Or do you know someone? Let us know!


Author: HiringThing

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