Hiring Challenges for Early Stage Companies

When I began talking to Josh, the founder and CTO here at HiringThing it brought back the many
recruiting and hiring experiences I have had during my business career. The details change case by
case, but a few strong themes emerge that seem to be challenges for every new company.

My background includes starting several high tech companies and one green building materials company.
In every case, the initial recruiting and hiring process in Early Stage companies is typically shared by
just two or three members of the team.

These are same people are responsible for getting a business out
to market and driving it rapidly towards success, and it’s unfortunately easy to not give hiring the focus it deserves.

If you’re starting a new company, hiring good talent is one of the most important things you can do,
and will greatly determine the ultimate success of the business. Watch out for these key indicators that
you’re not applying enough discipline in the hiring process:

  • Your team sometimes seems overwhelmed trying to perform their primary function and recruit
    simultaneously – something has to give and usually that’s the hiring process.
  • The interviewing process is not highly organized , and as a result you often find that team
    members aren’t in sync on candidates and scheduling.
  • Job postings are not being promoted and managed effectively, and you don’t seem able to attract the best applicants.
  • The number of applicants is voluminous , and therefore rejection letters
    are not sent and qualified applicants are not communicated with promptly. You can easily lose a great
    candidate simply by taking too long to respond to an email.
  • Applications are not supplemented with information from social media, Google and other
    online sources. Often publically available information can give you some key insights on candidates.

Looking back, I’ve seen all these problems crop up at one time or another. One result was that the
team simply spent too much time in the recruiting and hiring process. Second, when the process started becoming
overwhelming, as they tried to execute their primary function, stress often caused shortcuts in the interviewing
and background search areas. One bad hire can set a company back months.

I joined HiringThing to build a business that would make the recruiting and hiring process easier,
more efficient and ultimately help business find the best person for the job. So far, our first
customers tell us we’re “doing it right” – more to come!

Author: HiringThing

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